Scudder Stevens

Digital Product Owner
& JAM Stack Developer

Scudder Stevens

Digital Product Owner
& JAM Stack Developer

Hello. I work for Universal Health Services (UHS), in the Digital Marketing Department. We are a small, talented and well integrated team working out of Nashville, Tennessee and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The latter is where I am based.

On a good day, I split my time between my to do list and making future efforts more efficient. I am always on the hunt for the perfectly optimized work flow or more efficient tooling. For exisiting platforms I work in collaboration with the larger UHS teams to keep solutions up to date and running smoothly. For new products, I define specific needs and resources. From that initial research I configure software to test a potential solution. That solution should address known workflow issues and support product adoption.

My Goals: Focus on solving users’ problems. Drive product adoption and engagement. Create viral growth for our suite of digital products. Create a unified product strategy. Embrace the teams' creative vision and foster a collaborative environment.

Below you will find a list of projects I am currently working on or have recently completed. When I am not banging on the keyboard for UHS, I am relaxing with my wife and our fur-baby in Philadelphia, PA. I get outside as much as possible to ride my bicycle; and occasionally, I get the chance to play music. I either noodle around on my modular synth or listen to tracks from my extensive collection of 45's. Mostly Dub Reggae, my favorite!

For additional details, read my resume.

Career Highlights

Foundation in Visual Arts

Background in visual arts (photography, new media)

Web Design

Worked on websites for small and medium-sized businesses

MS CompSci

Returned to school to pursue Masters in Computer Science

Healthcare Tech

Hired as Senior UX/UI Designer at Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS)

Seek and Improve

Identified bottlenecks in production and maintenance workflows

Problem Solving

Researched technologies and techniques to address problem areas


Produced working solution examples with a goal of empowering my teammates at UHS Marketing Department and mitigate siloed resources

Resource Sharing

Selected core solutions to develop, providing shared resources across multiple healthcare verticals

Continued Efforts

migrate to technologies that are more reliable, maintainable and collaborative code bases


Universal Directory

Universal Health Services, Inc.


A shared resource, providing a single source of truth for all healthcare verticals, locations, general medical education consortiums, healthcare provider profiles and service integrations. A Sanity back-end powering a range of use cases and a front-ends, each designed to meet specific product requirements.

  • headless
  • single source of truth
  • digital product suite
  • structured content

tech stack:

Sanity A fast and flexible platform for delivering content to digital devices and products (back-end).

Gatsby An open source front-end framework for creating dynamic, optimized websites.

Next.js API Dynamic API routing for service integrations.

WordPress Plugin Extend the core WordPress experience with 58,859 + 1 Universal Directory plugin.

Drupal Module Extend the core Drupal experience with 47,369 + 1 Universal Directory module.

Netlify Front and back-ends built from code repositories and deployed to a global CDN network.


The Universal Directory provides a single source of truth for multiple web solutions; this allows us to maintain consistent data across Universal Health Services' suite of digital products, thereby reducing code redundancy and preventing software bugs. All healthcare verticals, locations, general medical education consortiums, healthcare provider profiles and service integrations are managed from one universal resource. This massive project evolved from a single Proof-of-Concept; a Sanity solution defined to be a limited use case and test bed. The current, more comprehensive version continues to be refined as it is integrated into new projects. The platform now powers web sites across all healthcare verticals with a custom WordPress plugin and Drupal module. An application programming interface (API) allows the Uni-Dir to manage internal (UHS corporate) and external service integrations.

Campaign Landing Page Platform

Universal Health Services, Inc.


A static site generator, pulling content from Sanity, to create campaign micro-sites. Each micro-site is a single page with campaign specific information and a contact form. After a form is submitted, a user is forwarded to a thank you page with supplemental call-to-actions, such as FAQs or instructional videos. The platform supports Acute Care, IPM, Behavior Health and Corporate marketing campaigns, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

  • static site
  • serverless
  • customer relationship management
  • crm strategy
  • lead generation
  • roi
  • cta

tech stack:

Sanity A fast and flexible platform for delivering content to digital devices and products (back-end).

11ty A fast and streamlined static site generator (front-end).

FormCarry Form submission processing and channel routing.

Zapier Workflow and integration, migrating contact names / emails from form submissions into ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign Email marketing and CRM tools for customer engagement & retention.

Netlify Campaign micro-sites built from code repositories and deployed to a global CDN network.


The campaign landing page platform (CLPP) provides a robust and automated platform to build static <html> file pages. The platform can spin up Landing/Thank You page pairs for paid radio, pay-per-click or television advertisements. The CLPP supports campaigns from healthcare systems to individual healthcare locations, across all healthcare verticals. The platform is built to handle roughly 300 unique campaigns per year and up to 10,000 submissions per month. Form submissions are handled by the Universal Health Services Referral Registration Team. Name and email addresses are automatically migrated into ActiveCampaign, a customer relationship management system, for subsequent email newsletters. This whole process maintains end-to-end HIPAA compliance to protect sensitive patient information while providing actionable marketing data and a clear return on investment.

Scudder Stevens

Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

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