Scudder Stevens

Creative Technologist,
Product Innovation & Design

Scudder Stevens

Creative Technologist,
Product Innovation & Design

Hello. I am a Creative Technologist and Product Designer within the Software as a Service (SaaS) Innovation space. On any given day I might be partnering with one or more project teams to define learning goals, conduct research or produce artifacts to report on our findings. To successfully shift my attention between multiple projects I am required to be familiar with the unique details of each opportunity space. I am always learning. My engagement during ideation sessions, daily huddles and qualitative interviews is key to staying on point.

I operate in a support role for each project team to which I am assigned. My specific contribution is creating project documentation and prototypes. These documents are used to explore ideas, document user experiences and provide solution requirements. When performing user testing interviews, I produce Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi or Clickable prototypes to answer a clear set of learning goals within a stage gate. Those same prototypes are further refined to create Documentation during the minimum viable product (MVP) stage.

To support my efforts and those of my team, I am also creating a shared Prototype & Design System within Figma. Design systems are living documents where continued effort, dialogue and documentation are required to keep departments working harmoniously. A design system does this by providing a collaborative resource and facilitates more efficient handoffs between departments and teams. This ultimately provides a more effective and consistent user experience across a suite of digital products.

Below you will find a list of projects I have recently completed. For additional details take a look at my curriculum vitae.


a reverse chronological list

Tax Research Search Wizard
Regulation & Compliance
User Centric research and product design within the innovation stage/gate process.
Financial Technology StartUp
Regulation & Compliance
User Centric research and product design within the innovation stage/gate process.


Volunteer organizations and my contributions


  1. Philadelphia County Amateur Radio Emergency Service - Operating as a FEMA trained Net Control or presenter within a rotating schedule of licensed amateur radio operators during weekly radio nets

  2. Red Cross - Providing emergency communications support for Southeastern Pennsylvania Red Cross serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware County operations

Civic Engagement

  1. Anton Andrew Candidate for Pennsylvania State House (PA-160) - Campaign Design Materials & Website

  2. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party - Get Out the Vote Mobile Application (hybrid)

  3. The Scudder Association Foundation - Website & Member Management Platform

Early Career

a list of select projects that defined my career path

Web Design & Developer

becoming a business owner, product designer and a practitioner of innovation

  1. Basstechtonics LLC - This is the first of my startup stories - Streaming Audio, Podcasts and Digital Sales

  2. MoveOn - Digital Ad Campaign

  3. Marithé + François Girbaud - Streaming technology