Vision Statement

Technology continues to shape our culture and the patterns of our daily lives. The digital space is where we can receive, collect and transmit media and opinions. The influence of technology on our human experience, a subject that sparked my curiosity early on, has expanded to incorporate more dimensions of our lives than I could have ever imagined.

The data we create has become sacred and our desires are but a keystroke away as we increasingly go online to engage in commerce and strive for a better life. This digital space is not only an illustration of just how interconnected we are, and always have been; it is the manifestation of our hopes and dreams.

With the dazzling speed and pride in our creation, it’s easy to lose sight that technology is a tool, a tool for forging our collective future. Just as a hammer can be used to build a shelter from the elements, so too can it be wielded in the name of war.

I’m hardwired to believe that the best way to shape our future is to actively define it on our terms. Despite the dual nature of technology, I am confident that the internet provides the best platform upon which we can and must participate in a global conversation.