Nourish Energize Thrive

Nourish Energize Thrive - Business Owner, Cosmia Weinerth
Nourish Energize Thrive
Industry :
Health Care, Service
Services :
Personal Chef
Health Coach
Size :
1 employee
Summary :

Business owner and chef, Cosmia, changes her recipe to add a healthy sprinkle of success, setting the table for a large and hungry audience.


Business Owner, Cosmia Weinerth, started her own company but ran into problems getting a suitable website launched. For some time, I was in the unfortunate position of watching her struggle to complete a website that she had hoped would provide a platform to market and expand her fledgling business.


Cosmia had successfully built a client base for her Personal Chef, Health Coach and Educational Services, but the web development company she hired to create her site fell short of completing her project. When I heard Cosmia had essentially given up on any hope of recovering the project, I decided to step in and lend a hand.

Management and Organization

The development site that had been a struggle to complete was a patchwork of inconsistent marketing messages and poorly defined strategies. The talent and optimism Cosmia brings to her work was missing from the presentation and content of her initial site. Fortunately, Cosmia had access to her original project and collected much of the raw content she hoped to integrate into the next version.

After a few initial meetings, we were able to refocus, gather and organize her resources. Together, we did the critical thinking and research to successfully define the structure of the site, content and the theme: all the ingredients necessary for a complete meal.

Improvements and Solutions

With much of the ground work in place, I was able to get to work channeling Cosmia’s culinary talent and visionary business approach into a launch-able site. We worked together to keep costs down, placing some ideas on the back burner for future updates and commandeering friends and family to lend their talents and time to the project.

With each successfully completed milestone, Cosmia delivered freshly prepared goodies. My wife and I lived, as many of her clients do, were empowered with healthy meals sourced from whole, local and real foods. Project bonuses never tasted so good!


I am proud to report Cosmia is going strong. The site we completed has given her a flexible platform and structured framework, well-suited to evolve with her as her business venture grows.