Harvest Market Natural Foods Consolidation and Rebranding

Harvest Market Natural Foods
Harvest Market Natural Foods
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~50 employees
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Too many voices drown out what would otherwise be a clear and well articulated vision. Behind the curve, a team rises to meet the challenge.


Harvest Market was founded in 1995 to provide Hockessin, Delaware and the surrounding communities with a broad selection of wholesome and nourishing foods, nutritional supplements and related products. Now in their third location and third decade of doing business, Harvest Market has expanded to offer one of the region’s best selections of freshly prepared real foods to-go from their on-site kitchen.


Over the years, Harvest Market’s online presence had been unable to keep pace with the technological mainstreaming of the natural foods industry. Their series of different and unconnected blogs and authors, multiple social media accounts (sometimes on the same platform), and an aging website, made a unified marketing attempt increasingly difficult.

Not to the fault, or by the hand of, any one person or persons, Harvest Market had simply been caught off guard by the ever changing currents and rising tide of technological progress. It was clear that if Harvest Market wished to continue its pattern of growth and community involvement, a single voice, and a unified brand, would have to be defined and promoted.

Management and Organization

I was aware of this marketing and technological challenge because my wife struggled weekly with the fallout. As Harvest Market’s Social Media Marketer, she was ultimately the one who needed to find a solution. For the sake of my wife’s sanity and my own, I set out to unify Harvest Market’s online presence.

Improvements and Solutions

Over the course of a summer, between graduate classes and my day job, I downloaded, compiled and categorized any content I could find online. Social media and blogging platform accounts were either updated or removed. Category names and tags were unified, standardizing the subjects we wanted to keep, while redirecting any previous conversations to prevent any loss of traffic.

With a chorus of voices consolidated into one solo act, I wanted to make the pretension of the content more in-line with the final solution. After some initial brainstorming sessions with the owners, I was able to define the basic site functionality, structure and some wireframes for specific pages.

Setting the stage for the next phase of the project, I migrated the newly complied content into a WordPress site hosted on a protected server. Requiring some basic functionality, the demo site incorporated the structure and specific wireframes defined previously.


Harvest Market’s online voice has now been clearly defined, and all the content has been organized, thereby retaining any search engine ranking. The content and community outreach that have taken place and will take place now clearly fall under the rebranded entity. More importantly, regardless of the channel in which an individual finds Harvest Market, all links converge back to the website that speaks to the core mission and personality of this local gathering space.