I have always been attracted to the arts. In high school, I worked as a photographer’s assistant, which eventually lead me to pursue a degree in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Near the completion of my studies, I was introduced to the emerging role of computers in the arts through the publication, ArtByte. Uncertain and intrigued by the evolving role of computers, I chose to explore ways to merge technology with my creative vision.

After my own personal digital revolution, I decided to address the elephant in the room: I committed to complement my hands-on fine arts training with the technical knowledge I lacked by earning a Graduate Degree in Computer Science from West Chester University in West Chester, PA, in December, 2016.

With a strong skill set combining Visual Design, Photography and Computer Science, I am now capable of turning an idea into an engaging experience for a global audience. With the power to transform lives, ensure openness and transparency, and lift us up, one line of code at a time, I look forward to building a beautiful future, together.

You can read more about my creative vision or review my resume.